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A Sucessful Trip All-Around

Three heads are better than one.

On Thursday afternoon we completed our last surgery.  We did over 60 surgeries on 33 patients. With some patients, our surgeons operated on several parts of the patient’s body at one time.

On Wednesday, our Medical Team tackled their most challenging case which included a series of operations on one patient that lasted 8 hours. Dr. Nichter and Dr. Horowitz had several of  S.t Grigor’s doctors participated in different aspects of the operation.   To my amazement (less than 24 hours latter) I saw this teenage girl walking the hospital hallways!

It is important to note that Plasticos  success is  measured in several ways:
1. How many surgeries completed.
2. How many doctors and nurses are trained.
3. Difficulty of surgery
4. Ability of Plasticos Team members to work with the Hospital staff regardless of their abilities and communication skills.
5. Donation of needed surgical supplies to the Hospital
6. NO Fatalities since ever surgery has a risk factor!

As we prepare to depart  we have had only one post operation complication.  Our team of Doctors reviewed the current circumstances of this patient and  there are no immediate threats to her long term well being.

Finally our team hosted a celebration where we gave out awards to 33 members of the Hospital Team who played critical roles in our over all success. At the same time we donated thousands of dollars of medical supplies to the hospital so they could carry on our work.

The consensus by all is that this has been a more successful trip than we ever thought possible. Plasticos plans to return in approximately 1 year because the need is overwhelming.

Dennis Gertmenian

Team Member


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