From our Coordinator and Team Leader – Plasticos Foundation
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From our Coordinator and Team Leader

Dr. Burns carrying Valia to the recovery room.

Our Armenian heritage was a prominent factor in instituting Plasticos’ mission their country. Grandparents on both sides came from eastern Turkey/Armenia over a century ago. Friends and family told us of children placed in state run orphanages because of congenital anomalies. Some had parents, some not. Correction of these abnormalities could result in either return to their families or adoption as we have witnessed.

We have completed 60 surgeries, many on orphans, all successful. The changes have been dramatic. Photos only partially depict the life-changing events we have helped to create.

The Armenian people have been warm, loving and supportive. We feel like family, which we are.

We cannot wait to return to continue what we have started.

Ruth Ann and Dr. Burns

Robert Gertmenian Burns, MD (Team Leader) & Ruth Ann Burns (Trip Coordinator)


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