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Saturday, October 26 – Set up at Hospital

Post by Eileen Asahi



Irene, Ho, Rachel, Dr. Horowitz, Monica, and Dr. Burns setting up OR supply room.

OR Supply Room 2

OR Supply Room All Set Up!

We planned on all of our medical supplies being delivered at 10 am at the hospital after clearing customs.  Unfortunately, there was a bit of difficulty going through customs but our host was kind enough to give us the assistance we needed to get all of our bags cleared through and delivered to the hospital by 3pm.    The nurses set up a supply room with all of the medicines, sutures, and supplies needed for the surgeries this week.


Rob Barry

Rob is busy setting up WiFi system that hopefully will work with our new electronic medical software program for the patient screening day.  The goal is that the four stations (Check In,  Plastic Surgeon Screening, Pediatrician Screening and Anesthesiologist Screening) will be able to enter the information on the computers and it will all sync so that we will not need a lot of paperwork which sometimes is lost along the way.   Rob worked with Haik from the hospital and everything looks good. Cross our fingers for tomorrow.  It will be a busy day!


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