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Nepal Mission

In December, Plasticos Foundation embarked on the first formal acute burn mission executed by a team in North America. It was done with much foresight and discussion of risks and benefits of training acute burn care in the face of its high morbidity and mortality.

The statistics for burn victims are grim, despite having a dedicated burn center with talented attending burn surgeons, nurses, residents, anesthesiologists, and others the survival rate has not improved. The statistics are staggering – no one prior to 2015 with a 40% Total Body Sur-face area burn has survived. To date, the statistics remain the same, with few exceptions.

We can no longer ignore the need to save lives despite the potential liability for providing care to critically ill patients with high morbidity and mortality. Plasticos Foundation is proud to be the first to step up to help meet this challenge. Our impact will result in countless lives saved and deformities prevented.


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