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Sunday Sunday……so good to me!

Peter watches on carefully in the background.

It’s now Sunday morning, and I cannot believe how fast this trip has gone. This has been a busy trip; but with such good out-comes.

Peter, our anesthesiologist has just gone to the airport; returning to the UK. It’s been great to see him again (the first time being 2 years ago in Laos). He is such a great doctor, has an quirky sense of humor, and remains calm under pressure. The patients under his watchful care did very well through their anesthetics.

We managed to be able to give the hospital a large donation of supplies; the most valuable being medications, sutures, and a reusable electrocautery pad ( a piece of equipment used on every procedure).

The Cambodian and Plasticos staff ended up the successful week on Friday evening with a party sponsored by Plasticos. It was wonderful to be able to see the staff that we had worked with dressed up  and with their families. It brought to mind how much each of them had given to be with our team, and away from their families. This hospital has a truly dedicated staff.

The joint team.

Saturday was wonderful. The Angkor Children’s Hospital treated all the volunteers to a trip out to the lake and to the floating village. It was eye-opening to see where some of the families seen at the hospital might be living. Conditions there are very meager, and a family income is less than a dollar a day.

The floating clinic.

The hospital has an outreach program to this area, one of many initiatives; a floating clinic with home care. You should check out their web-site at

Saturday afternoon was spent at the Ta Prohm temple. This is where one of the tomb raider movies with Angelina Jolie was filmed. It is located in a jungle. As the day came to a close, the animal sound intensity surrounding the temple increased, but the feeling of the location remained serene.

Ta Prohm Temple


Now it is Sunday. Monica is eager to go shopping and is waiting patiently for me to finish this blog. Ronda still has some paperwork to wrap up AND she is remiss in writing her blog…..hint, hint!

Goodbye for now, and we’ll try to follow up with some patient stories.

Rachel, OR nurse


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