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Thursday – October 31st: Thoughts from Armen, our Anethesiologist


Post by Armen Chalian


Armenians have the most beautiful eyes, expressive and innocent. These children have come from all over the country hoping to change their fate. Little Narine who’s hand and fingers were burned and transformed into a scared ball of flesh, now has an open hand with five fingers liberated from their scared down condition!

Armen G. Chalian, MD 10/29/2013


Every day I am energized by the dedication of the rest of the Plasticos Team. Even after 11 hrs of surgery I am not tired. How could I be? I feed off the energy of each and everyone around me and from the surgical results which have been remarkable to witness!

Armen G. Chalian MD

“Dr Armen as they call me here” 10/30/2013

Thank you Arabkir staff for working side by side with us. Professionally speaking, I enjoyed the exchange of ideas with Khatchik and Aghavni the staff anesthesiologist who are brilliant themselves. They perform miracles every day with their skill and knowledge with limited equipment compared to what I have at me disposal in the United States. I appreciated their dedication to the advancement of our anesthesia profession.

Armen G. Chalian MD 10/31/2013

I love my nurse anesthesia assistants. They try so hard to please and succeed in every way. Unfamiliar with such a system and used to working alone in the United States, I didn’t know how to utilize them until Gayane asked me if I trusted her. After that I realized that they do much more than stock the room with supplies. These young ladies work hard, take the bus to get here everyday, and return home to take care of their families. We salute them!….Dr. Tateosian and I now jokingly agree that anesthesiologists have it made here with all this great help.

Dr. Armen
( as I am called)



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