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A Fond Farewell

Dr. Hovakimyan

About two weeks ago I met the Plasticos Foundation team, which came to Armenia to help children with different types of pathologies.  What happened next was completely unexpected for me.  I was absolutely amazed and fascinated with love and care which was in the eyes of each member of the team.  Surgeons, anesthesiologists, pediatricians, all the members of the team had one goal only – to help our children.  Laughter and the sound of children’s footsteps filled the corridors of our department.  A language barrier was inevitable, but at the same time, a very strong emotional connection was established between our guests and patients as well as their parents.  It was so wonderful and very funny in a good way to hear the question asked in English answered in Armenian… and everybody understood everything.  Later everything became clear to me, it was very simple: we had one goal – children who needed to be given a happy and healthy childhood.
It is difficult to put into words the invaluable experience and knowledge I gained as a Maxilla-facial surgeon working and communicating with top professional surgeons such as Dr. Nichter, Dr. Horowitz, Dr. Burns and all, I mean ALL, members of the Plasticos team.  I would like to say all the kind words of gratitude from the bottom of my heart for the patience and the trust they showed while teaching and guiding me to operate on cleft lip, cleft palate and more…
Today, when our friends are gone, the feeling of emptiness has overtaken us. And there is a desire to fill it again with children’s laughter and kind faces of our friends and colleagues from Plasticos Foundation.
Now that we’ve tried the “demo-version” I would like to say one thing: we want more and for longer…

Dr. Nichter, Dr. Burns, Dr. Hovakimyan

Vardan Hovakimyan, MD
Armenian Maxilla-Facial Surgeon


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