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Pediatrician’s Perspective

A fifteen minute brisk walk in the morning gets us from the hotel to the hospital.  It’s a beautiful day in the city of Yerevan; the weather reminds me of our weather back home.    l get greeted by “ bare luis”, “bare luis “ as I walk in, staff and

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From the OR

We’ve been at the hospital for four days now and this is the first time that I am able to write to you all. The team has had an amazing welcome by the Armenian hospital; from the director Dr. Minasyan, down all the way to the cleaning staff. We arrived

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Armenia Day 5

As I write this, the Plasticos Team is in the OR.  We are operating on 2 children who suffer from burns: Gevorg Pogosyan, an infant whose fingers on his right hands are fused together, and Arpine Meekonyan, a young girl whose face and neck are scarred by burn contractures.  We

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A life-changing experience for all

What an incredible experience. Our medical team of world class surgeons and support staff are extremely talented. They have operated on adorable little children with horrific birth deformities and magically changed them into beautiful and adorable little cuties. The hospital staff at St. Grigor Medical Center has been incredible. Never

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Armenia Day 4

As a team member, and “gap filler,” I’ve spent the past few days picking up the pieces.  Where’s Dr. Horowitz?  Who does this child belong to?  Why is he crying?  Can you make copies of this?  Considering my Armenian vocabulary currently consists of approximately ten words (at its peak), I’ve

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Armenia Day 3

I just want to thank our entire team for working so hard on our first two days at St. Grigor’s hospital;  we finished another 12-hour workday. Where do I begin…well, let me start by saying that every single Plasticos trip is unique, as every country and every hospital we visit

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First screening day

We started the day with an 8 AM team meeting over breakfast.  Ruth Ann talked about our plans for the day and everyone’s duties when we arrive at the hospital. Dr. Horowitz went over some general safety guidelines and why we are in Armenia and our purpose here, which is

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Welcome to Armenia

After 14 hours of traveling and over three hours at the airport, the Plasticos team has finally arrived at hour hotel in Yerevan, Armenia at 12:30 AM. Although everyone is physically drained, there is a subdued excitement about amazing team we have  put together and the work that we will

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Plasticos Mud Run 2011!

Our Second Plasticos Mud Run was a great success! Thank you to everyone who supported our event by making a donation, sponsoring a runner and getting down and dirty for a great cause. With all your help we raised funding for our the Plasticos Foundation Mission to Armenia in May

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