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New Life at 16

Ibarra, Ecuador July 23rd – August 3rd Alex Esteves is an energetic, handsome and engaging 21 year old man who was one of our incredibly helpful volunteers. He has a quickness to his step, a smile on his face and possesses obvious “joie de vivre”. Unfortunately, his life was not

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Ibarra, Ecuador

Ibarra, Ecuador  July 13, 2013 Claudia is a 4 year old quiet and “shell-shocked” Columbian girl that we performed a lengthy burn reconstruction of her scalp and reconstructed her left ear.  Her infancy was normal but as is all too often the case she had a devastating burn when she

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Plasticos’ fundraiser at Zov’s, benefiting the children of Armenia, was mentioned in the January 2012 issue of Riviera Magazine. “Dr. Jed H. Horowitz and Dr. Larry S. Ncihter hosted a fundraiser at the ever popular Zov’s Bistro. The afternoon was filled with great food, music and silent auction items to

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The Things that Make a Difference

One of the moments that caught Monica’s attention more than any other was when a small boy came into the operating room area. He was very scared and afraid, which is true of most of the children. But for some reason this boy stood out from the rest. For days

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O.k., o.k. here is my post already.

Although I have been on three medical missions, this was my first as trip coordinator and well as my first in Cambodia.  I had visited the country 11 years ago and fell in love with it.  The stillness and awe of Angkor Watt and the jungle sounds that would come

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Sunday Sunday……so good to me!

It’s now Sunday morning, and I cannot believe how fast this trip has gone. This has been a busy trip; but with such good out-comes. Peter, our anesthesiologist has just gone to the airport; returning to the UK. It’s been great to see him again (the first time being 2

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A Patient Returns

The Cambodian parents have been very gracious about sharing their children’s stories.  One of those stories started over a year ago. The father of this little girl from Koskong province told us that she was walking behind her house holding her mother’s hand about 6 a.m. one morning when a

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A Cambodian Tale

During the “killing fields” in Cambodia, doctors, nurses, educators, and literate people were killed.  The Pol Pot regime believed that they could control the people, as long as they were not educated. Sophy Khan was a young boy who lived with his family in the city of Phnom Penh. They

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Cambodia 2011 – Arrival

The team has all gathered safely together in Cambodia. For this trip there is a small team of 6; 3 doctors, 2 nurses, and a co-coordinator. We breezed through customs, and were met by Sivpheng, our local host. The heat and humidity was immediately apparent even though it was 9am

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