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Wednesday – October 30 A letter from Paul



Post by Paul Quintana

A Letter Home

Well, today is, well,not really sure, what day it is.  The trip here is noted elsewhere but twas long and tiresome.

Spent Sunday in clinic (screening patients).  See elsewhere on blog for details.  As a pediatrician, I examined all of the 100 kids.  Thank goodness the majority did not cry so I did not finish the day deaf.

I was impressed that all of the kids were well dressed, neat & clean.  They were well nourished and happy kids.  I found it interesting the large number of men who smoke in families outside of the USA.  As you know, they are endangering the health of the entire family and promoting similar smoking in their children.  The Armenians I spoke with all seem to accept my advice and criticism and I hope it will make a difference.

But back to the kids.  I subsequently saw the kids who had surgery again in the hospital. I would love to say I communicated very effectively with them and their family by pantomime but in truth, I had wonderful translators at my elbow the entire visit.

As my years advance, I find these routine 10 hour days and the occasional 13 hour day, tiresome.  I just want to put my feet up – all the bad parts fade when Tatevik (15 months old) and I became friends.  She was here for hand surgery to release her left hand and fingers from the severe burn that made it non-functional.  Well, she had a great result of her operation but was not happy.  When I went to see her, she turned to the wall after looking at me accusingly.  I wanted to plead my case and say “Hey, it wasn’t me.”   She wouldn’t listen.  Strange to say that a blue eyed cutie with a bandage on her left hand can both make and break your day.  Glad to say that tomorrow I’ll have another chance to remake a friend.

Enough for now, as I have started, as usual, to ramble.
Paul Quintana, MD


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