Yerevan, Armenia days 1 and 2 – Plasticos Foundation
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Yerevan, Armenia days 1 and 2

Our Goup at the Genocide Memorial

Yesterday, after a few hours to recover from the long  journey to Yerevan, we began our morning after breakfast by visiting the Armenian Genocide Memorial and Museum.  This was a very sobering and emotional start for our day.  The date of the genocide rememberence was April 24 and the site was still adorned with thousands of beautiful flowers.

Following this visit, we went the local Children’s Charity Hospital where we met with an administrator, the medical director and the staff plastic surgeon.  We had a lengthy discussion regarding the ways that the Plasticos Foundation might be able to help them care for their patients.

Today we attended a local private grade school supported by the  Lazarian and Gertmanian Family Foundations.  The School Director was an amazing women who has developed a wonderful educational environment and curriculum for the lucky children who are able to attend.

This evening dinner was hosted by the Ohanyans, a local family who provided us with a feast of  Armenian dishes leaving us too stuffed to move.  Their kindness and warmth was overwhelming.  Their son Vahe, an emerging film producer, has been kind enough to act as our translator and facilitator during our visit


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