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Thursday – October 31st: Thoughts from Armen, our Anethesiologist

October 30: Jed’s Symphony!

    Post by Susan Gertmenian It’s only Jed’s 3rd day of teaching in Yerevan, and he’s already conducting his orchestra in perfect unison! Beneath the bright glow of 6 surgical lights with a small speaker crooning “I Won’t Go Home Without You…..” softly in the background, three young, skilled

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Wednesday – October 30 A letter from Paul

    Post by Paul Quintana A Letter Home     Email     Blog Well, today is, well,not really sure, what day it is.  The trip here is noted elsewhere but twas long and tiresome. Spent Sunday in clinic (screening patients).  See elsewhere on blog for details.  As a pediatrician, I

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Tuesday – October 29th “I’m melting”

Post by Irene Landry   Every Plasticos trip involves its own challenges.  One is sterilization of supplies and instruments and each country seems to have a different system. In the US, steam sterilization is the norm for metal, with instruments wrapped in special wrap, then autoclaved at high temperature with

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Tuesday – October 29th Visit from Ambassador

Post by Eileen Asahi   Today we were honored by the visit of the American Ambassador to Armenia, John A. Heffern. He came to show his support of the work we are doing, and to offer his heartfelt thanks and encouragement not only for the surgeries we are performing, but

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Quick thoughts from screening day

Post by Dennis Gertmenian We have interviewed and examined over 100 children. All the children are very cute. But the children from the orphanages are very special. We have found that the orphanage caregivers are very loving and kind. Our Team mates Bob and Ruth Ann Burns with a nun

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International Plastic Surgery Symposium in Armenia

A number of the Plasticos Team Members presented information at an International Plastic Surgery Symposium. In the photo above, Dr. Horowitz gives a lecture about Plasticos Foundation, and discusses their past mission to Armenia in 2011. The photo displays from left to right: Susi Gertmenian (one of the Trip Coordinators)

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Monday – October 28th First day of surgery

  From Monica Karamian, Recovery Room Nurse One of the most important aspects of pediatric care is what happens after the child leaves the hospital. In order to make sure all post op instructions are understood by the families, education is started in recovery room by the recovery room nurses.

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Sunday, October 27th – Patient Screening Day

Post by Eileen Asahi We have 98 children on our list to screen for this weeks surgeries.   Most likely, we will be able to do 50-80 surgeries within the timeframe that we have.  Patients are scheduled to arrive either at 9am, 11am or 1pm.  We have our stations all set up and are

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